Planck-scale physics, galaxy-scale physics

Various members of the CCPP gave talks to visiting NSF Theoretical Physics Program Director Fred Cooper on a one-day site visit. I learned about some of Gia Dvali's new ideas about testing Planck-scale physics with tabletop experiments: He has noticed that if there are Planck-scale black holes created at early times that subsequently evaporate, their evaporation products may have topological charge that could in principle be detected at low energies with some kind of futuristic Aharanov–Bohm-like experiment. Crazy! Also, Andrei Gruzinov gave a nice explanation of Kolmogorov turbulence.

Wu and I discussed error propagation for her Spitzer photometry project, and Quintero and I figured out a great idea for finding post-starburst galaxies at high redshift.

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