data issues

Zolotov and I discussed how we should go about locating the Sagittarius stream in the four-dimensional space of sky position, magnitude, and velocity. This involves making a very large number of plots and browsing them in some sensible way, or else four-dimensional visualization!

Wu and I discussed bad redshifts in SDSS. One of her low luminosity galaxies may have a wrong redshift, which is incredibly rare in the SDSS data. That would be fun! We also discussed backups, since Wu nearly lost all of her work in a minor computer failure here.

The astrometry.net team started discussions of how to archive, serve, back up, and protect our data. None of our current systems scale, even in the short term.

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  1. Hello,

    I arrived at your workblog while inspecting the Sloan Digital Sky Survey web.

    Why I came here? Well, images like these, carry me to your blog:

    A trully amazing work and field of study...

    I've read something about the streams around the Milky Way in the Scientific American (April 07)

    Good work and best wishes for your research from Spain