GALEX, tech report

Chris Martin (Caltech) was in town, and we discussed many things GALEX. In particular he got me excited (only I could get excited about this) about re-calibrating the sensitivity map, which is a non-trivial function of detector position. This all came up because Schiminovich and I have some ideas about using the time-tagged photon stream; this stream has residual artifacts in it from imperfect measurements of the sensitivity map, which is sampled in a well-defined way as the spacecraft dithers during the exposure.

In the morning, after a long bureaucratic mission at City Hall and before a power lunch with Masjedi on Wall Street, I worked on what the Astrometry.net team calls the tech report, the paper about the system that is written in the style of an Astronomical Journal submission, summarizing success to date of our blind astrometry and data recovery system.

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