Bayesian black-hole masses, cold structures

A vigorous morning of debate with Tremaine got us to the point that our work on orbital roulette is pointed towards the Galactic Center. Our Bayesian approach permits us to use data of varying quality, subject to heterogeneous and unknown selection functions, and with missing dimensions (think projected positions and radial velocities). This will permit us to analyze simultaneously and comparatively all the available data sets, and resolve issues in the literature. Bovy is well tasked for the break.

I gave the second of my workshop-like talks about inferring Milky Way dynamics from kinematic data; today I talked about cold structures in phase space and their information content.

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  1. Good good, injecting information from multiple datasets will make us all feel better about this problem! You guys should check out the hyper-parameters work of Hobson and Lahav from the early naughties, can't remember if I have flagged this for you before...