photon-quasar correlations, Spitzer spectroscopy

Today was a great day—all research—it was like a mental health day. Schiminovich and I actually created a quasar–photon cross-correlation function (what any sane person would call an average quasar image) for some color and redshift cuts; we plan to do this as a function of redshift and color to track quasar properties, intergalactic absorption, and (if we are lucky) scattering. But see my posts from late last spring to see how the last attempt panned out!

We also worked with Wu on the Spitzer IRS spectroscopy. Wu got the coadding working with aggressive masking and we have some very nice, high signal-to-noise (thank goodness) galaxy spectra. As we are in the late stages of the Spitzer cold mission lifetime, when targets are getting sparse and the cryogen has outlasted predictions, our statistical program has been very well scheduled and we therefore have lots of data.

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