100 percent success!

For the Astrometry.net project, Lang built an index of quads and stars from the 2MASS survey, to act as a comparison for the indices we built from USNO-B 1.0. He ran the 114 (out of 180,000) SDSS fields that failed on the USNO-B indices through the 2MASS indices and every single one of them calibrated successfully. This means that for SDSS r-band fields (55 sec exposures on a good 2.5-m telescope), the Astrometry.net system has (naively) a better than 99.999 percent success rate with no false positives. Although this is Lang's research and not mine, exactly, I am so stoked I don't know what else I would post about.

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  1. Awesome news!!!!
    Let me know if you need 190+ million GALEX objects!