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I spent most of the day chatting, notably with Stumm, who is in NYC for a few days. Late in the day, Lang (attempted to) put the Astrometry.net paper up on the arXiv. This was a failure, and not for the usual reasons: None of the figures got flagged as too big!

The paper compiles without complaint by "pdflatex astrometry-dot-net" on any unix (mac or Linux) platform we have been able to try. And yet on arXiv, the figures can't be understood! (It can't determine size or bounding box or format or even see the file in some cases.)

The arXiv system has a number of issues, not the least of which is that it doesn't just run vanilla pdflatex, ever. It runs in some strange box in which various pdflatex options have been changed from their default values. This would be fine if the arXiv system exposed its pdflatex or latex configuration. But it doesn't. Even better, since all the processing is done by robots, a "sandbox" robot could be established for people to test uploads before submission, greatly reducing the time wasted on this, not to mention the stress; documents and tarballs could be tested as they are being written and not "by fire" right at posting time.

Indeed, the inscrutable arXiv robot will reject a submission on any number of grounds, many of which are mentioned in the arXiv help pages, but few of which are described in enough detail for a user to reliably avoid them. For example, the figure size constraints (which were not our problem today) are never stated explicitly in the help pages; the help pages (like this one) only say that figures "should" be made "small" because that is more "efficient"!

As my loyal reader knows, I love the arXiv; it has transformed astrophysics and all of the sciences. Now lets just make it easier to use! Note that anything that makes it easier to use also makes it easier to maintain and run. (Think of all the emails and blog posts that could be saved!)

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