checking in

I spent the day checking in on a number of ongoing projects. Bovy and I discussed the moving groups from Hipparcos and the black hole at the Galactic Center. Price-Whelan and I discussed proper priors for the Bayesian line-fitting problem. Itay Yavin (NYU) and I discussed a nascent project on translating the exoplanet problem into a problem in harmonic or spectral analysis. Lang and I discussed, among other things, observing proposals. And Wu and I discussed her slides (on multi-wavelength measures of interstellar radiation and star-formation rates) for a short talk at the GALEX team meeting at Columbia tomorrow.

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  1. I like Pr(m) = 1/(1 + m^2)^(3/2) for the gradient m - in combination with Pr(c) ~ 1/|c| for the intercept. Rotational invariance!