baryon acoustic feature

In group meeting, Eyal Kazin (NYU) led a discussion of some recent baryon acoustic feature measurements, including his own. No-one really understands in detail why the significance of the BAF seemed to go down when the amount of SDSS data used to find it went up (Kazin et al). But Kazin was concentrating on line-of-sight issues: There are some apparently conflicting results in the literature about the line-of-sight BAF signal; people who use different estimators get different significances, and I smell an illegitimate search in estimator space for best signal (though not with Kazin's work; he is doing very straightforward stuff). I have an intuition that everything would be better with a probabilistic methodology that marginalizes over the density field, but I haven't got any implementation of that, so I have no ground to stand on. I can't say much else happened research-wise today.

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