talk preparation

On the airplane to Seattle for AAS 217, I prepared my talk slides. It is a 15-minute talk (number 206.04 if you are at the meeting), with the following summary:

  • Catalog matching is not a good way to combine imaging data sets
    • (the Right Thing To DoTM is build a simultaneous model of everything).
  • Forced photometry is a great approximation when one data set is better
    • (one data set is deeper and higher in angular resolution).
    • SDSS has this property relative to GALEX.
  • A typical quasar in SDSS is not clearly detected in GALEX
    • but nonetheless GALEX helps us find them,
    • GALEX photometry at < 5 σ can provide photometric redshifts,
    • and GALEX measures at high signal-to-noise their average properties.
  • We use this framework to measure the extragalactic UV background.
Now will the speaker ready room accept my home-built PDF presentation compiled from LaTeX?


  1. John O&#39;Meara11 January, 2011 12:12

    All this is irrelevant, as instead, you should go up the big hill from the convention center, turn left when you hit Broadway, and stop when you get to Cafe Vivace. Stay there for 4 days.

  2. For what it's worth, my vague memory from circa 2002 is that I had no problem using my usual latex-produced PDF at AAS.