printer calibration test strip

I made this printer test (8-bit CMYK TIFF file) for my RGB-to-CMYK conversion project. If you can print this out on a CMYK printer (no, there is absolutely no reason to look at it on the screen), and if you can be sure your print driver is not flattening to RGB before doing a reconversion to CMYK (this is hard to know, given the craziness of the print driver world), then printing this and comparing it to a screen view (no, there is absolutely no point in printing it) of the original (8-bit RGB JPEG) leads to a (very rough) printer calibration. In making this test strip, I have reduced my 12-parameter (already simplfied) printer model to only 3 parameters. Paper (arXiv-only, I expect) and open-source code coming soon.

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