radiation pressure, graphical models

Norm Murray (CITA) gave the astrophysics seminar. He showed pretty convincingly that massive star-formation regions are effectively Eddington-limited, meaning that the accretion of material onto stars and the gravitational collapse is halted or controlled by ultraviolet radiation pressure on dust in the interstellar medium. This has lots of implications for present-day and early-universe star formation. He showed a very nice mix of theory and observations, including some nice stuff about giant molecular clouds in the Milky Way disk

The rest of the day was largely spent with Foreman-Mackey, building daft, a package for rendering probabilistic graphical models or directed graphs. It is designed to make figures in which the symbols are exactly the same size and font as those in the paper. Here's an example:

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  1. This looks to be a very handy tool. Will give it a go and possibly use it in every paper ever.