so many conversations!

Today was an all-talk day. I started off with Stumm and Foreman-Mackey for coffee, where we talked about various matters of only limited relation to astronomy. I chatted with yesterday's speaker Ruderman (Berkeley) about naturalness and the future of particle physics. Then Bob Lindner (Rutgers) arrived and we did an early lunch, at which I pitched improvements to radio astronomy image reconstruction methods. Lindner gave a mid-day talk on clusters observed in the radio and sub-millimeter to look at S-Z effect and star formation (and lensing). The afternoon was filled with our MCMC meeting, in which we battled Sven Kreiss about how they put error bars on parameters in the LHC ATLAS world. We learned something about the relationships between frequentist confidence intervals and the Bayesian equivalents in high dimensional parameter spaces. Awesome!

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