Aside from a blackboard talk by Maryam Modjaz (NYU) about supernova types and classification, it was a day of all talk. I spoke with Goodman and CampHogg about Hou's paper on marginalized likelihood calculation using the geometric path. I spoke with Vakili about how you go, in kernel PCA, back from the (high dimensional) feature space back to the original data space. (It's complicated.) I spoke with the exoSAMSI crew about exoplanet populations inference; Megan Shabram (PSU) is close to having a hierarchical inference of the exoplanet eccentricity distribution (as a function of period). Finally, I spoke with Foreman-Mackey about his new evil plan (why is there a new evil plan every four days?) to build an interim-prior-based sampling of the posterior density of exoplanet parameters for every KOI in the Kepler Catalog.

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