Dr Wu and Dr Duffell

Ronin Wu (CEA and Tokyo) came through NYU today, and told us about Herschel spectroscopy of M83. She finds that the spatially resolved and integrated spectra of star-forming galaxies seem to be saying slightly different things. She also made us think that the nucleus of M83 might be like a little mini-ULIRG.

At the end of the day, Paul Duffell (NYU) defended his PhD thesis. He had a huge crowd for the seminar and it was a great show, just as his thesis was a great read. He has moved supersonic numerical fluid simulation into some new regimes, with adaptive, moving meshes. His most exciting results (to me) are on the phenomenology of binary black holes, and (separately) gap-opening in protoplanetary disks. In both cases, he can make novel predictions for new observations. Gruzinov (NYU) and I encouraged him to make those predictions! Congratulations to Dr Paul Duffell on a great piece of work and welcome to the community of scholars (as it were).

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