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Adam Bolton (Utah) called and we discussed automated redshift finding in SDSS-IV and SDSS-III. Bolton is trying to make rigid "archetypes" to use as redshift-finding templates. I promised him that by Friday I would come up with a scheme for doing this in a data-driven way, using quasars from a wide range of redshifts. I may have over-promised!

In my new (June-only!) group meeting, we had short contributions from everyone. Highlights include: Patel showing the relationship between galaxy angular size and the number of citations on NED. There are some interesting outliers (small galaxies with many citations and large galaixies with few citations); and my new undergraduate researcher Soichiro Hattori (NYUAD) who started working for me at 10:30 but by 15:30 group meeting had already made a plot relevant to his research! Hattori is going to search the Kepler data for Earth analogs, using Foreman-Mackey's Gaussian-Process-based likelihood function.

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