searching in the space of observables

In the early morning, Ness and I talked by phone about The Cannon (or maybe The Jump; guess the source of the name!), our method for providing stellar parameter labels to stars without using stellar models. We talked about possibly putting priors in the label space; this might regularize the results towards plausible values when the data are ambiguous. That's for paper 2, not paper 1. She has drafted an email to the APOGEE-2 collaboration about our current status, and we talked about next steps.

In the late morning, I spoke with Guido D'Amico (NYU) about future projects in cosmology that I am interested in thinking about. One class of projects involves searching for new kinds of observables (think: large-scale structure mixed-order statistics and the like) that are tuned to have maximum sensitivity to the cosmological parameters of interest. I feel like there is some kind of data-science-y approach to this, given the incredible simulations currently on the market.

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