probabilistic density inference, TESS cosmics

Boris Leistedt (UCL) showed up for the day; we discussed projects for the future when he is a Simons Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU. He even has a shared Google Doc with his plans, which is a very good idea (I should do that). In particular, we talked about small steps we can take towards fully probabilistic cosmology projects. One is performing local inference of large-scale structure to hierarchically infer (or shrink) posterior information about the redshift-space positions of objects with no redshift measurement (or imprecise ones).

Zach Berta-Thompson (MIT) reported on his efforts to optimize the hyper-parameters of my online robust statistics method for cosmic-ray mitigation in the TESS spacecraft. He found values for the two hyper-parameters such that, for some magnitude ranges, my method beats his simple and brilliant middle-eight-of-ten method. However, because my method is more complicated, and because it seems to have its success depends (possibly non-trivially) on his (somewhat naive) TESS simulation, he is inclined to stick with middle-eight-of-ten. I asked him for a full and complete search of the hyper-parameter space but agreed with his judgement in general.

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