#streams2015, day 3

Today was the half-day at the meeting (hike in the afternoon). The highlight for me was the talk by Carl Grillmair (IPAC), who talked about finding and tracing streams, observationally. Grillmair is the discoverer or co-discoverer of more than half of all the known Milky-Way streams. He showed us some of the visualizations that help him find them. He said that we should replace his by-eye work with automated methods, but (to my knowledge) no-one is close right now.

After Grillmair, Sesar (MPIA) showed a beautiful analysis of the new Ophiuchus stream, where he measures everything via probabilistic inference. Kallivayalil (Virginia) showed the evidence for the LMC proper motion measurement. I am a believer! She then showed noisier data from other Local-Group dwarfs and streams. Slater (Michigan) showed properties of the Milky Way's stellar halo at large radius. At large radius, the halo is consistent with being entirely disrupted satellites.

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