loving the graphical model; abundances of binaries

I decided to take a shot at writing up a short note around our stellar-parameters-in-the-age-of-Gaia probabilistic graphical model (directed acyclic graph). The first step was turning our hand-drawn model and typesetting it with Daft. In the process I found some “issues” with Daft, if you know what I'm sayin'. I discussed a bit with Hans-Walter Rix what should be the scope and abstract of this note. He came up with a simple demonstration that Sven Buder (MPIA) could do with some stellar models and an MCMC sampler to support the document.

In the afternoon, Taisiya Kopytova (MPIA) pitched a project to Melissa Ness and I: Find the chemical differences between the APOGEE targets with and without low-mass stellar companions. There should be some! Because we can make large, matched samples of stars with and without companions, we ought to be able to perform this test very precisely. This relates to things we talked about with Kevin Schlaufman (OCIW) many months ago; we will bring him into the loop.

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