JWST opportunity

Benjaming Pope (Oxford) arrived in New York today for a few days of visit, to discuss projects of mutual interest, with the hope of starting collaborations that will continue in his (upcoming) postdoc years. One thing we discussed was the JWST Early Release Science proposal call. The idea is to ask for observations that would be immediately scientifically valuable, but also create good archival opportunities for other researchers, and also help the JWST community figure out what are the best ways to make best use of the spacecraft in its (necessarily) limited lifetime. I am kicking around four ideas, one of which is about photometric redshifts, one of which is about precise time-domain photometry, one of which is about exoplanet transit spectroscopy, and one of which is about crowded-field photometry. The challenge we face is: Although there is tons of time to write a proposal, letters of intent are required in just a few weeks!

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