nuisance model for imaging

The CPM of Wang et al and the transit search methods of Foreman-Mackey et al were developed by us to account for and remove or obviate systematic issues with the Kepler imaging. Last summer, Matthias Samland (MPIA) pointed out that these could be used in direct imaging of exoplanets, which is another place where highly informative things happen in the nuisance space. Today we worked through the math and code that would make a systematics-marginalized search for direct detections of planets in the VLT-SPHERE imaging data. It involves finding a basis of time variations of pixels in the device (pixels, not patches, which is odd and at odds with the standard practice), choosing a prior on these that makes sense, fitting every pixel in the relevant part of the device as sum of variations plus exoplanet, but marginalizing out the former.

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