five talks in five days

On the plane to Sydney, I started an outline for a paper with Bedell (Flatiron) on detailed elemental abundances, and the dimensionality or interpretability of the elemental subspace. I also started to plan the five talks I am going to give in five days as the Hunstead Lecturer. On arrival I went straight to University of Sydney and started lecturing. My first talk was on fitting a line to data, with a concentration on the assumptions and their role in setting procedures. That is, I emphasized that you shouldn't choose a procedure by which you fit your data: You should choose a set of assumptions you are willing to make about your data. Once you do that, the procedure will flow from the assumptions. After my talk I had a great lunch with graduate students at Sydney. The range of research around the table was remarkable. I plan to spend some of the week learning about asteroseismology.

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