playing with stellar spectra; dimensionality

In another low-research day, I did get in a tiny bit of work time with Bedell (Flatiron). We did two things: In the first, we fit each of her Solar twins as a linear combination of other Solar twins. Then we looked for spectral deviations. It looks like we find stellar activity in the residuals. What else will we find?

In the second thing we did, we worked through all our open threads, and figured out what are the next steps, and assigned tasks. Some of these are writing tasks, some of these are coding tasks, and some are thinking tasks. The biggest task I am assigned—and this is also something Rix (MPIA) is asking me to do—is to write down a well-posed procedure for deciding what the dimensionality is of a low-dimensional data set in a high-dimensional space. I don't like the existing solutions in the literature, but as Rix likes to remind me: I have to put up or shut up!

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