Gaia helpdesk and optimized photometry and various

We got way too many applications for the #GaiaSprint. This is a great problem to have, although it is giving me an ulcer: Almost every applicant is obviously appropriate for the Sprint and should be there! So the SOC discussed ways we could expand the Sprint but maintain its culture of intimacy and fun.

In Gaia DR2 prep workshop, we discussed our preparations for joining the Kepler data (and especially the whole KIC) with the data from Gaia DR2. We are hoping to have this done within minutes of the data release, making use of the high-end ESA data systems. This activity resulted in the submission of a trouble ticket to the Gaia helpdesk.

At stars group meeting, way too much happened to report. But Ben Pope (NYU) showed that his work on using L1 to regularize the optimization of photometric apertures works extremely well in some cases, but is very brittle, for reasons we don't yet understand. Simon J Murphy (Sydney) started to talk about what he and Foreman-Mackey (Flatiron) have achieved in his week-long visit but he got side-tracked (by me) onto how awesome delta-Scuti stars are and somehow why. And Ana Bonaca (Harvard) gave an overview of what we are doing with stellar streams.

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