halo and Gaia

Lauren Anderson (Flatiron) and I looked at some simple selections of M-type giant stars in the Milky Way halo, to see if we see Sagittarius and other halo structures. They didn't jump out as obviously as I expected! But then we looked back at the Majewski et al paper and saw that their color selection was certainly not trivial! At the suggestion of Hans-Walter Rix (MPIA), we also looked at the Gaia CMD paper and the bimodal halo stars that were shown at the DR2 press conference. I am sure that the Milky Way halo will be full of interesting things! Now let's find them.

Also Megan Bedell (Flatiron) and I discussed our BetterTogether project, which has multiple goals. Her work today is to find planet hosts with comoving companions. One issue is that Kepler has such a low angular resolution, the matching between Kepler and Gaia might be difficult or ambiguous. Something to think about, given that we can't really re-photometer either dataset.

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