#GaiaSprint, day 5

After a long week (and some great success), all Christina Eilers (MPIA) and I had in us to do today was make the short-term to-do list for our spectroscopic parallax project (which, by the way, Hans-Walter Rix thinks we shouldn't name that way!) and our related Milky-Way mapping project. In my wrap-up slide, I used my two minutes to speak of the conceptual things we learned about linear models and their power.

The wrap-up was given in two separate groups, in parallel. We were forced to this by space and the size of the Sprint. There were many complaints! But if you want to look at the incredible set of wrap-up slides, look here! You will see some amazing things in there. I was blown away, and several participants told me that it was a very important meeting for them. Our explicit (not implicit) goal is to increase the scientific productivity of Gaia and the community of astrophysics that it supports; I very much we hope we succeed in doing that. Today, I am optimistic that we can.

Because we did so many experiments this year, with selection, with splitting the group, with communication, and so on, we learned a lot. We made many mistakes. I hope we can capitalize on these mistakes to learn for future projects, like the next Sprint, and all the other hacking and sprinting and parallel-working things we do.

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