Rix, K+A asymptotics

Reviewed project status with Blanton, and—in the case of kcorrect—also with David Schiminovich and Hans-Walter Rix; did almost nothing else.

Hans-Walter gave another great talk; this time it was on the fossil record of the Milky Way's accretion history as it is recorded in phase space and the possible observational signatures.

I did look at the K+A asymptotic behaviors on the train, but got frustrated because we have the A spectrum from zero-redshift stars and the K spectrum from redshift 0.1 early-type galaxies, and so neither has complete wavelength coverage over gri bands! I will hack this weekend.

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  1. You must be really excited about that new movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It is going to answer so many of your questions!