astrometry polemic, environments

I worked on the introduction to what will be the first of the papers about the astrometry engine. The introduction (and even the abstract) of that first paper has to lay out the whole program and its justification.

After discussion with Morad about the possibility of showing (empirically) that K+A galaxies are triggered by interactions (ie, very small-scale environments), I worked out the skeleton of a project that shows that they are not preferentially in the infall regions of clusters, and furthermore that the infall regions show no interesting features at all (if they don't; I think they don't). This is all part of the general project of figuring out exactly what is related to environment; it is pretty subtle.


  1. Let me get this straight - you're just sitting around shooting the shit about star stuff, and suddenly you say "I wonder what the possibilities are of showing that K+A galaxies are triggered by very small-scale environments" and then Morad says dude and then you're knocking out an abstract?