mosaicing, LRG–LRG mergers

Kept banging my head against bugs in the KPNO Mosaic mosaicing code; I have something that works, but I am still not masking out enough pixels.

Discussed with Morad how his results fit in to the recent literature on the evolution of red-sequence galaxies, especially the nice paper by Bell et al. Strictly speaking, the Bell et al result constrains the addition of stellar mass to the red sequence, while Morad's result constrains the merging of galaxies within the red sequence, but clearly there is a relevance. We also realized that the evolution of the bright end of the LRG luminosity function with redshift constrains some combination of the fading of LRG stellar populations and the total merger activity.

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  1. This is all through a telescope, right? But until you've touched a star, can you really be sure they are even there?