K+A asymptotics, Tegmark

Whew. I finally got the K+A asymptotic passive evolution code written. The function hogg_kplusa_evolution() in eplusa returns the expected, long-term, observed-frame evolution in the SDSS r band as a function of redshift and A/K. This now lets us trim the sample of all K+A galaxies to just those that would make it into the SDSS Main Sample even at t [goes to] infinity.

Tegmark gave an off-the-cuff colloquium at MIT about the current state and future prospects for precision cosmology. He opined that if the dark matter has no non-gravitational interactions, if the dark energy is a cosmological constant, and if inflation produces no features in the power spectrum and no tensor modes and no non-gaussianities, it could be a boring future for us indeed. But he also predicted that it would not be so. Apparently there are no inflation models so "vanilla" (although the dark matter and dark energy can be so vanilla).

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  1. Plus, if REO Speedwagon stops touring like they said, it will be a very very boring future for us.