Eric Bell, positronium

Masjedi and I discussed the relationships between his limit on the local massive-galaxy merger rate and the usual "pair fraction" that appears in the literature—not a very good statistic, for a variety of reasons, the best being it is never consulted or computed when calculating any good estimate of the merger rate! We also discussed the relationship between his results and those of Eric Bell (MPIA) who, inspired by Masjedi, has started to do a similar project with COMBO-17 data.

Blanton and I also discussed Blanton's apparent conflict with Bell on the evolution in the red sequence since a redshift of unity.

It doesn't count as research, but Quintero forced me to work out the energy spectrum of positronium, in the context of answering a (difficult) GRE question. We got it, and we got the right answer, but only after a somewhat embarassing amount of calculation and re-calculation!

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