PRIMUS, environments, AO

Discussed PRIMUS extensively with Eisenstein (Arizona) and Blanton, and worked a bit on the Steward/Magellan proposal for the pilot project.

Quintero spoke at group meeting about his clustocentric results, and got a good discussion going about the lack of a morphology–density relation; ie, the result that concentration depends on environment only because it depends on color and color depends on environment, and not vice-versa.

Judy Cohen (Caltech) went through the basics of AO, and then showed incredible images of M31 globular clusters taken with the Keck AO system. Awesome! Even more awesome when compared side-by-side with HST images.

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  1. Maybe we should change the title of the paper to emphasize this interesting result...

    maybe something like: "What galaxies know about their nearest cluster, and how they know it"

    ...maybe even "and how they feel about it. Is there evidence for large scale cluster envy?"

    ...but that might be getting to long.