spectrograph constraints, astrometry group, Huterer

I started the process of investigating the effect of spectrograph constraints (the SDSS spectrograph can't simultaneously take spectra of two galaxies closer than 55 arcsec) on our galaxy environments results. I am investigating it empirically, using the fact that a large fraction of the sky is covered by the spectrograph twice (the plates overlap), and hence many of the dropped targets get picked back up again.

Roweis and I talked a bit about the agenda for the full-week astrometry.net group meeting coming up in about 10 days. We are going to focus on getting our alpha system up on the WWW.

Dragan Huterer (Chicago) gave two talks, one about statistical anomalies in the CMB at large angular scales, which are very interesting (despite being very a posteriori). Like most cosmologists, I assume these will turn out to be either flukes or systematic errors. His other talk was about the future of constraining the dark energy with observations.

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