YouTube, Halifax

In an unusually boring entry for YouTube, even by YouTube's low standards, the FIREBall team has posted a video of the guide camera data that shows that the balloon-borne instrument did not have stable pointing. Roweis ripped the video to PNGs, Lang fired them all into Astrometry.net and annotated them, and posted a video response! This is the first use of our technology to put meta-data onto video content.

In other news, I spent a very nice Friday in Halifax, where I gave my open-source sky survey talk, and caught up with Marcin Sawicki, who I got to know when we did the blind test of photometric redshifts.


  1. Hey, don't harsh on our video. We're just upping the standard for actual "content" as opposed to the usual "car accident" standard. :)

  2. agreed; see comments on the video by YouTube user "profdavidwhogg".