insane theories, super-k-means

I can't say I did much research today, but while I failed to do research, Bovy (who is also attending a scientific meeting) looked at contemporary models that violate transparency to fix the supernovae Ia results in an Einstein—de Sitter Universe. These models are somewhat crazy, because they end up building epicycles to fix a problem that isn't really a problem, but in principle we will rule them all out with BOSS.

In my sliver of research time (and with Roweis's help), I figured out that PCA, k-means, mixture-of-gaussians EM, the analysis we did in our insane local standard of rest paper, and taking a weighted mean are all different limits of one uber-problem that consists of fitting a distribution function to data with (possibly) finite individual-data-point error distributions. I am trying to write something up about this.

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