USNO-B and GALEX, supervised

I got stranded in Nantucket by high winds (cancelled ferries). This cost me Monday, and I spent parts of today making up for it. My research time was spent with Schiminovich, talking about what we should do with the SDSS and GALEX, and what we will do in the very short term. The very short term project is to use SDSS and GALEX to learn what quasars look like and then find them all-sky with USNO-B1.0 and GALEX. Same with white dwarfs. This is a nice project in supervised methods for automated classification, something I was railing against in Ringberg.

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  1. interested in a collaboration? we are currently thinking of running a SDSS-GALEX cross-correlation with DR5 and DR6 and host it on MAST.