quasar redshifts and the like

My MPIA collaborators Hennawi and Tsalmantza arrived in NYC for a week today. We are collaborating on a now exponentially growing number of projects involving data-driven models of galaxy spectra. We are trying to recover the known double-redshift objects in the SDSS, which tend to be either gravitational lenses or binary galaxies or quasars. We are trying to find new double-redshift objects of both kinds. We are trying to make more robust methods for getting precise redshifts of broad-line objects (which don't have any narrow redshift indicators). We are trying to model the quasar continuum blueward of Lyman-alpha for IGM measurements. We made a tiny bit of progress today on each of these.

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  1. John O'Meara04 December, 2010 19:15

    Ah modeling the QSO continuum. Thar be dragons. Have a thought on this though, in case you ever wanted to explore it.