KIPAC@10, day 3

Although there were very amusing and useful talks this morning from Bloom (Berkeley), Boutigny (CNRS), Marshall, and Wecshler (KIPAC), the highlight for me was a talk by Stuart Lynn (Adler) about the Zooniverse family of projects. He spent a lot of time talking about the care they take of their users; he not only demonstrated that they are doing great science in their new suite of projects, but also that they are treating their participants very ethically. He also emphasized my main point about the Zoo, which is that the rich communication and interaction on the forums of the site is in many ways what's most interesting about the projects.

In the afternoon, we had the "unconference" session. Marshall and I led a session on weak lensing. We spent the entire afternoon tweaking and re-tweaking and arguing about a single graphical model! It was useful and fun, though maybe a bit less pragmatic than we wanted.

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