image modeling for Kepler

I spent the whole long holiday weekend (it is Labor Day here in the US) working on our Kepler white paper, in response to the two-wheel call (PDF). Foreman-Mackey came through with some auto-regressive-like data-driven models for extant Kepler data, Michael Hirsch (UCL, MPI-IS) came through with some PSF-photometry tests for insane (drifted) PSFs, and Lang came through with simulations of toy Kepler data in the two-wheel era, along with models thereof. Lang was able to show that we can (in principle) infer a flat-field that is higher resolution than the data! That is, we can infer heterogeneous intra-pixel sensitivity variations, pixel by pixel. That is awesome, and we ought to apply it to every data set out there! We will post the white paper on arXiv after we submit it.

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