NRFG, day three

We did informal discussion and wrap-up at the workshop today. In that discussion, we tried to focus on next steps for dynamics and inference, in the context of Gaia's upcoming early data release. In some ways the clearest conclusion from this discussion came from Sésar (MPIA), who said that we should analyze all the data we have on each Milky Way stream, to find out both what it tells us about the MW potential, and also what new data (better distances, more radial velocities, and so on) would bring us. That would permit us to plan the next round of observing proposals and surveys.

The last agenda item was Bovy showing us all galpy. Binney (Oxford) and Rix both agreed that we should be building public code bases in this style. Bovy's code is beautifully documented and decorated with tutorials.

In the car to the airport, Rix, Schlafly (MPIA), and I discussed the three-dimensional dust map. I opined that we might be able to apply a spatial prior to the map in a post-processing step, and Schlafly agreed in principle. I promised to look at the question on the flight home. If it works, it is great for my interim-sampling, importance-sampling brand!

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