UnDisLo, day 1

Foreman-Mackey and I drove down to an undisclosed location on Monterey Bay to work with Charlie Conroy, Dan Weisz, and Ben Johnson (all UCSC). On the way down we discussed my new optimized photometry program. Once we arrived, we got to planning the week of hacking. We decided to focus on a few areas of mutual interest involving non-trivial data analysis. One area is combining spectroscopic and photometric information on galaxies and stars, where the spectroscopy is less reliable but far larger in total bytes. We have ideas about this. Another is learning a population distribution from noisy measurements. We have done this for exoplanets and photometric quasars and so on; Foreman-Mackey and I want to build general tools. Another area is learning the dependence of average (mean) spectra of galaxies on intrinsic properties like luminosity, redshift, metallicity, and velocity dispersion; Conroy has done great work in this area with blunt tools. We can help sharpen those. Should be a fun week!

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