exoplanet photometry, crossing the streams

Nick Cowan (Northwestern, Amherst) was in town today to give a seminar about exoplanet thermodynamics and climate. He showed nice results inferring the temperature distribution on the surfaces of hot jupiters and the same for degraded data on the Earth. He spent a lot of time talking about thermostats and carbon and water cycles on the Earth and Earth-like planets. In the morning I discussed my OWL photometry with him, and we proposed to try it on his massive amounts of Spitzer IRAC data on transiting exoplanets.

After lunch, a group of the willing (Rix, Bovy, Sesar, Price-Whelan, myself) discussed stream fitting in the Milky Way. We decided to fit multiple streams simultaneously, starting with Orphan, GD-1, and Palomar 5. The first step is to gather the data. Price-Whelan and I also have to modify our method so that it can take the heterogeneous kinds of data in the GD-1 data set.

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