spiral structure in the Milky Way, K2

In Milky Way group meeting, Bovy showed results from a red-clump-star catalog derived from SDSS-III APOGEE and Schlafly showed extinction-corrected stellar maps sliced by distance from PanSTARRS. Both of these data sets plausibly contain good evidence of the spiral arms in stellar density, but neither of the first authors were willing to show me that evidence! I couldn't convince Bovy to help me out, but I think Schlafly might make the plot I want, which is the density as a function of Galactic X and Y for stars at low Z, divided by a smooth Galaxy model.

In a phone call late in the day, Ian Crossfield (Arizona) and Erik Petigura (Berkeley) and I discussed K2 data. I (perhaps unwisely) agreed to see if I can photometer the data, given pixel files.

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