Jupiter analogs, and exoplanet music

As with every Wednesday, the highlight was group meeting, which we held (as we do every Wednesday) in the Center for Data Science studio space. We discussed Hattori's search for Jupiter analogs in the Kepler data: The plan is to search with a top-hat function, and then, for the good candidates, do a hypothesis test of top-hat vs saw-tooth vs realistic transit shape. Then do parameter estimation on the ones that prefer the latter. This is a nice structure and highly achievable.

After that, we discussed sonification of the Kepler data with Brian McFee (NYU) and also his tempogram method for looking at beat tracks in music (yes, music). We have some ideas about how these things might be related! At the end of group meeting, we worked on Foreman-Mackey's and Wang's AAS abstracts, both about calibrating out stochastic variability in Kepler light-curves to improve exoplanet search.

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