K2 proposals

Today was #K2proposalSprint day. At group meeting, MJ gave us a review of a new paper on probabilistic approaches to weak lensing, which made many harsh (but useful) approximations. Then we pitched our K2 proposals and started writing. Price-Whelan pitched a proposal to find extragalactic exoplanets! One of the K2 fields touches the Sagittarius stream and therefor will contain (at Kepler sensitivity) some good red giants that might be planet hosts delivered by an accreted galaxy!. Fed Bianco pitched a proposal to do lucky imaging (and improve lucky-imaging pipelines) to follow up microlensing events in the K2 Campaign 9 field (which is a bulge-imaging project aimed at microlensing). I pitched a proposal to determine the PSF and flat-field in Campaign 9, where the field will be so crowded that, for one, the flat-field and PSF will be infer-able in the data, and, for another, the two things will need to be known at good precision to do any useful data analysis. We then spent the day working, but I have to admit I didn't get very far!

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