#LGAstat, day 1

Today was the first day of the Local Group Astrostatistics meeting at Ann Arbor, organized by Loebman (Michigan) and Nidever (Michigan). The meeting is remarkable for it's great turnout, very young age profile, and design (it is both an interdisciplinary meeting and a set of pedagogical workshops). It is also a huge boost to my ego, since there are scheduled talks by four of my ex-students, and many of my close collaborators! And I had nothing to do with any of that; the organizers recused me from any decisions related to any of my people.

After my intro talk, the Stream Team members Price-Whelan, Bonaca, and Sanderson all spoke about projects my loyal reader knows well. Zolotov (yes, another CampHogg camper), Deason (UCSC), Slater (Michigan), Bell (Michigan), Gomez (MPIA), and Vivas (CTIO) all gave talks about galaxy halos, touching on issues of abundances, substructure, formation history, and comparison to theory. Zolotov predicts a chemical bimodality in the halo at high metallicities. This prediction is very general, but hasn't (I think) been seen observationally. We should find that!

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