#GaiaSprint is live; dumb ideas

I spoke at length with Daniel Foreman-Mackey about current projects, and also possible April Fools' projects. It is getting late do do the latter, since (as my loyal reader knows), we take our April Fools contributions very, very seriously. When we do them. One idea is to do some probabilistic modeling of the “Alien Megastructure” Kepler source. We also talked about recent breakthroughs with Bernhard Schölkopf and Dun Wang on doing ultra-crowded-field photometry with independent components analysis (ICA).

At lunch, Andrew Zirm (grennhouse.io) proposed that we start a Dumb Ideas in Data Science meetup. The idea is that so many good ideas are dumb ideas. And so many bad ideas! Anyway, I hope this happens.

In the afternoon, I launched the #GaiaSprint web page and registration information. If you want to hack on the Gaia data the moment it is released, then the #GaiaSprint is for you!

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