modeling spacecraft imaging

Dun Wang, Steven Mohammed (Columbia), David Schiminovich and I met to discuss GALEX. Wang has absolutely beautiful images of the GALEX flat, and he can possibly separate the flat appropriate for stars from the flat appropriate for background photons. We realized we might need some robust estimation to deal with transient reflections from bright stars.

Matthew Penny (OSU) showed up and distracted us onto K2 matters; Penny is involved in our efforts to deliver photometry from the crowded fields of K2 Campaign 9 in the Milky Way bulge. Wang showed his CPM-based prediction of the crowded field in K2C0 test data, where he has an absolutely beautiful time-domain image model. This is like difference imaging, except that the prediction is made not from a master image, but from the time-domain behavior of other (spatially separated) pixels. The variable stars and asteroids stick out dramatically. So I think we are close to having a plan.

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