interdisciplinary inference meetings

Justin Alsing (Flatiron) organized an interdisciplinary meeting at Flatiron across astrophysics, biology, and computing, to discuss topics of mutual interest in inference or inverse problems. Most of the meeting was spent with us going around the room describing what kinds of problems we work on so as to find commonalities. Some interesting ideas: The neuroscientists said that not only do they have data analysis problems, they also want to understand how brains analyze data! Are there relationships there? Many people in the room from both biology and astronomy are in the “likelihood-free” regime: Lots of simulations, lots of data, no way to compare! That will become a theme, I predict. Many came to learn new techniques, and many came to learn what others are doing, so that suggests a format, going forward, in which we do a mix of tutorials, problem statements, and demonstrations of results. We kicked it off with Lauren Anderson (Flatiron) describing parallaxes and photometric parallaxes. [If you are in the NYC area and want to join us for future meetings, drop me a line.]

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